Steve Beckles-Ebusua is an excellent motivational speaker who I saw on stage on January the 10th 2017. I highly recommend him for his persuasive speech and motivation for changing habits of work and learning.
Cecile Delettre, Global Business Development
During Efficient Time Management Workshop, Steve has provided us with very useful tools to increase efficiency for work related tasks as well as other tips to achieve a better work and life balance. His good sense of humor and sound knowledge reflected well and I highly recommend his seminar to any professional who would like to improve their time management skills.
Gozde Kemal, Inglestone Wood, UK
I took a course with Steve and was really impressed with his knowledge and how he shared it with me. Steve also made the course fun, his passion for the subject is very clear which made it an infectious way of learning - thanks Steve
Janet Cole, Rentokil, UK
I recently had the pleasure of hearing Steve speak at the Habitude Warrior Conference in Dallas. Steve brought a true passion and enthusiasm to the stage and delivered a message that not only inspired, but provided easy to follow, practical advice that anyone can follow and have it make an immediate positive impact in their life.

The last day of the conference Steve addressed a youth group that included my 11yo daughter. At the end of the day when I asked my daughter who her favorite speaker was she responded, "the guy in the orange tie"!!

I would highly recommend you welcome Steve to your stage as you won't be disappointed.

Andrew Smith, Realtor at Keller Williams, USA
I had the distinct pleasure of listening to Steve speak at the Habitude Warriors conference held in Dallas, Texas over the weekend. Steve is an extraordinary individual. His insight into human nature and human needs is incredible. I would highly recommend anyone looking to improve oneself to find a way to listen to Steve in person. You will be blown away by what he shares. I can't wait for him to come back to the States so I can see him again.
Mike Mccarthy, USHEALTH Advisors, USA
I had the pleasure of experiencing Steve's presentation at the Habitude Warrior Conference in Dallas Texas this weekend. Steve stands out in a crowd due to his charismatic way of presenting information to a large group, but what impressed me the most was his accessibility in the hours after the event to the audience. He genuinely cares about those that he serves. I would recommend Steve to anyone looking for a motivational speaker that will help ignite action and motivate a group.
Mariah Griffith, Sales, Marketing and Project Management Professional, USA
I attended one of Steve's communication courses and was amazed by how much I had learned at the end of it. Steve has a very unique and effective way in getting his key ideas out to the attendees. The communications course I did with him has been one of the most useful courses I attended!
Salem Qunsol, DAR
From the off Steve had a vibrant and energetic approach to his communication and presentation teaching which was infectious throughout the day. Not only did it help encourage my learning but I thoroughly enjoyed the day, taking away a lot more than I thought I would in such a short space of time. I can only thank Steve for his time and clear passion for what he does, to help others improve. Thanks Steve.
David Masters, Property Partners
Steve made an amazing difference to our students when he spoke for us about developing a Leadership Mindset. The students were engaged throughout his presentation. We are delighted to be using his services again this year.
Alexandra Smith, London School of Economics
Steve was absolutely fantastic, staff were totally captivated with his enthusiasm and energy. Plus there were plenty of memory activities for staff to take away to incorporate immediately.
Jackie Barton, Midfield Primary School
Inviting Steve to give a motivational keynote at the end of our National Awards Presentation was a great way to end the day. With over 700 students and parents present he was not only motivational and inspiring but had great content which challenged the thinking norms and make it fun at the same time. The impact was evident in that he got a standing ovation at the end too!
Ted Picton, Focus School
Steve is an amazing motivational speaker. If you want your students to be engaged and inspired then they need to listen to this man. 100% positive feedback back from 180 15 year olds shows how good he is. Looking forward to having him back soon
Sally Elmer, Priory School
We employed Steve’s services for a day working with our Yr9’s, he was excellent, the students loved his style and approach, very engaging.
Peter Vik, Trinity School
Steve’s ability to engage and captivate the students while also teaching them some important life skills was incredible to observe. I cannot thank him enough for his work and the positive energy that comes with it
Vanessa Raditch, Walworth Academy
I connected with Steve through LinkedIn as his workshops seemed to be having a great impact on young people. He has been a facilitator for the Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust since the start of 2016 and has delivered excellent workshops to our diverse groups of young people. He is engaging and fun yet serious about equipping young people with the tools and mindset to succeed. I would definitely recommend him if you are looking for an inspirational facilitator.
Doreen Thompson-Addo, The Stephen Lawrence Trust
I worked closely with Steve Beckles-Ebusua on a project for Barclays and it was an incredible experience. A hugely talented leader and trainer, watching him at work felt like a masterclass in how to connect, engage and inspire young people. A true professional who understands how to transform something that could be deemed dry into a positive and enjoyable experience.
Oscar Cariss, X Factor Producer
Nobody knows life skills like Steve does. His in depth knowledge and motivational delivery of the subject is both engaging and inspiring for people of all ages. Steve's humorous, enthusiastic approach to his speaking has the power to motivate you and encourage you to think more about where you are and where you want to be in both your professional and personal life. I highly recommend Steve without hesitation as the invaluable advice that he shared with me will stay with me for the rest of my life.
Katy Minshull, JPMorgan Chase & Co.
Steve is an incredibly vibrant, down-to-earth and captivating speaker. After working with him on the National Citizen Service he encouraged and inspired our young people, staff and myself! His professionalism and enthusiasm engaged and brought public speaking to life. I believe that he is an asset wherever he is employed and to all those who work with him. A true inspiration.
Hannah Kinghorn, National Citizens Service
I had the pleasure of working with Steve today and found him to be energetic, professional and extremely well received by his audience. Steve's unique approach to gaining and holding the attention of a young audience allowed content to be delivered efficiently and effectively. It was inspiring to see what a man can achieve with a smile and an orange tie.
Ashely Burger, Barclays Bank Plc
I had the pleasure of working with Steve today and found him to be energetic, professional and extremely well received by his audience. Steve's unique approach to gaining and holding the attention of a young audience allowed content to be delivered efficiently and effectively. It was inspiring to see what a man can achieve with a smile and an orange tie.
Katie Makulak, Barclays Corporate
I had the pleasure of working with Steve today and found him to be energetic, professional and extremely well received by his audience. Steve's unique approach to gaining and holding the attention of a young audience allowed content to be delivered efficiently and effectively. It was inspiring to see what a man can achieve with a smile and an orange tie.
Kate Allan, Student Services
It was great working with Steve, his energy and enthusiasm to support the young people and our adult professional guests was nothing short of brilliant. Steve's ability to hold a large group on the edge of their seats with a combination of humor, wisdom and sheer energy is impressive, and led to unanimous enjoyment from young people and adults alike, and a stellar achievement of the learning objectives for our session together.
Eric Levine, Citizen Insight Ltd
Steve is an incredible speaker!!! He is full of life's wisdom and anecdotes!!!
He has a unique way to draw attention of his audience.
It was a privilege and honour to work with him at Eastlea Community College (East London) and I hope that I will continue learning from our future meetings. I strongly believe that he is a great asset for any employer that will require his service.
Francis Angibeaud Montjen, Barclays
Steve is truly captivating speaker delivering talks with great content. I have invited Steve to give a talk on "The 4 steps to conquering self-defeating habits" for career changers of the London Career Coaching Meetup I am the organiser of and it was a great success. It was really fun too! Steve is a very inspiring person to meet since he truly cares about people he delivers talks for and people can feel that. Moreover, Steve is very reliable person to work with. Could not recommend anyone higher!!!
Gabija Toleikyte, Ph.D, Middlesex University
Steve ‘The Man with the Orange Tie’ really contributed something special to our Year 11 Celebration Event. He engaged and motivated young people to dream big and work smart, to achieve success through his imaginative revision skills workshop and captivating performance style. I believe his bubbly personality really brought a wave of energy to the event, keeping students fully engaged. The workshop stimulated minds and produced lots of laughs.

Running an event with a lot of different people involved can be highly stressful. I very much appreciated Steve’s punctuality and preparation for this event as it left me with one less worry!

George Green, Birmingham University
Just wanted to say a huge thank you for the sessions you delivered today speaking with Leigh I know the year 8 students enjoyed it just as much as the year 9s in the first session with me. Your fantastic approach to the topics and engagement with the students will undoubtedly be a talking point amongst the students and they will remember lots from the session.
Coopers’ Company and Coburn School
I just wanted to pass our thanks on to Steve for the invigorating and entertaining speech / presentation he delivered to our Sixth Form induction day students along with the current Year 12 students.

Right from the word 'go' Steve captivated their attention; he has the ability to include everyone, even the quieter students. Everything Steve spoke about was so exact and real, teachers and students thoroughly enjoyed the hour we spent with him and the students were still talking about it during their lunch break.

We would definitely recommend other schools, especially KS4 and KS5 to book Steve

Paula Barry, Helena Romanes School and Sixth Form Centre