The Leadership Principles


Without focus you will never reach your target. This programme looks at your beliefs and perceptions helping you to focus on your goal.


You might have the focus on what you would like to achieve, however if you are not pointing in the right direction you will never get there.


For something to happen, something must move. You may have the elements of focus and direction, however without motivation nothing will happen.
The whole day was a leadership masterclass, a soul-enriching workshop that nobody aiming to progress in their career should miss
Simone Sarnataro, Head Barman, The Oxford and Cambridge Club


Are all leaders born or made? Can you use management leadership training to give leadership skills to someone who isn’t leadership material? How is it done?
Everyone can develop their capacity to lead, from church committees to local pressure groups to business teams to political parties. When someone is committed to and practices using their leadership capabilities at all levels, they can and will develop their potential as a leader.
This programme will teach those capabilities and more.


The one-day training course is structured into seven engaging modules.


This one-day workshop deals with the leadership and interpersonal side of supervision, developing teams and relationships, coaching and instruction, discipline and providing feedback.


Staff supervisors and line managers, present and aspiring, want an insight into how to put ‘man management’ concepts into practice and achieve better results from their staff.

MODULE 1: Understanding Leadership

Topics covered:

  • What is Leadership?
  • Brief History of Leadership Studies
  • Introduction to the Concept of Leadership Behaviors
  • Discussion and Debate about Leadership
  • A Widening of the Definition Beyond Traditional Leadership Stereotypes
  • Personal Understanding of Individual Leadership Qualities and Strengths
  • The Difference between Leadership and Management
  • Personal Patterns and Beliefs
  • A Look at the Elements that have Influenced and Shaped the Participants
  • The Leadership Formula
  • Direction and Support

MODULE 2: Communication and Relationships

Topics covered:

  • Understanding How Communications Work
  • How We Misinterpret Situations
  • Gaining Active Listening and Responding Skills
  • Seeing Things from Other Points of View
  • Managing Your Assumptions More Effectively
  • Understanding Your Strengths
  • Looking at Body Language
  • Increasing Confidence
  • Difficult People or Situations

MODULE 3: Developing Team Leadership

Topics covered:

  • Team-Based Results
  • The Four Stages of Teams
  • Team Problem-Solving
  • Characteristics of Vital Team Players
  • Key Attributes of The High Performing Team

MODULE 4: The Situational Leadership Model

Topics covered:

  • Participating
  • Delegating
  • Telling
  • Selling
  • Scenarios Exercise for Leadership

MODULE 5: Tackling Discipline

Topics covered:

  • Rules and the Need for Discipline
  • Gross Misconduct
  • Essential Components of a Disciplinary Procedure
  • Investigating a Complaint
  • Taking Disciplinary Action

MODULE 6: The Power of Effective Feedback

Topics covered:

  • Constructive Feedback
  • Praising the Individual
  • Tools and Techniques: The Sandwich Technique
  • Model for Giving Feedback – BOOST
  • How to Give Feedback – EECC model
  • Factors Which Make It Difficult to Receive Feedback
  • Top Feedback Tips
  • Coping with Criticism

MODULE 7: Your Personal Action Plan

The final exercise of the Leadership programme is for each delegate to devise a personal Plan of Action, identifying their personal take-away from the programme, where they know they will practice and develop areas.

Training requirements:

All training delivered on client premises.

  • Flip chart and paper
  • Powerpoint access(not a necessity)

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‘All leadership starts with self leadership’