One to One Confidence Coaching

Many of us have wished they had better confidence skills?

We’ve all had that terrible feeling of walking away from a meeting, an interview or a situation and
replayed it in our heads a thousand times, wishing you could have done better?

Those negative voices inside your head often sabotage your chances to say or do what you REALLY feel.

Steve the Speaker

“Steve’s coaching sessions have been motivating and so worthwhile.  Steve has a way of getting you to think about what challenges you are facing, why you aren’t feeling confident and find the answers for yourself.  He puts you at ease right away and I looked forward to my sessions with him.”

Kerri Marshall-Duckett

VCSE Assembly Project Officer

Voluntary Impact Northamptonshire

How Will Confidence Coaching Help Me?

A one-to-one session will help you understand why, when, where and with whom you feel your confidence reduces.
Confidence training will help you gain quick and easy tools that you can use to raise your confidence and be the person you know you can be.
In your confidence sessions, we will look at how to give you immediate support and work on a long-term strategy to increase your confidence and improve your life experience.

What Will The Sessions Deal With?

  • Why do you lack confidence in certain situations
  • How you feel in certain situations
  • How can you manage your own emotions and nerves
  • What do you think about yourself and the situation you find yourself in
  • How does that impact your confidence level – and who’s in charge of those thoughts!
  • What you say both to yourself and other people
  • What words are you choosing
  • What story are you telling that then shapes how you feel about yourself
  • What do you do in terms of how you present yourself
  • Your body language, personal energy and how this impacts how you are perceived

Numerous studies show that we are all influenced by and believe in our perceptions of the truth.

If you appear confident, people will assume that you are.

They will then begin to treat you as a confident person.

Finally, you’ll feel sure enough to start being who you want.

What Are The Coaching Outcomes?

  • You’ll be able to speak up in meetings.
  • You’ll be confident to speak up, whether walking into a job interview or a birthday party.
  • You’ll walk away with a set of tangible, practical tools and the confidence to start using them tomorrow.
  • You’ll be able to live the life you want to live and do the things that you want to do.

How Is The Coaching Done?

Using Zoom, we will have 4 x One to One sessions; each session is 60 minutes long.