Steve The Facilitator

Communicate to Accumulate

Knowing how to communicate correctly will make your employees more understanding. In addition, it will encourage working well with co-workers and other teams. Finally, it will create better communication channels throughout the whole company.
So, if you want better collaboration for your teams, Mr Orange’s communication training is the way to go.

Steve the Speaker

“It was a great day, many thanks for all the orange and new learning tools for my staff.”

Laurie Pollard

Sentura Group Ltd

In this half-day course, your team will understand how beliefs, feelings and trust are required to be an effective communicator.
They will understand how to use and interpret body language and learn the importance of their tone of voice. In addition, they will also learn about assertive communication, conflict resolution, and the importance of understanding generational communication.

“Steve was brilliant, we had staff attend from our different branches across Germany, France, Bulgaria, Armenia and Slovenia and he was able to keep the talk engaging, and inspiring.”

“It worked out really well with Steve. He embedded some useful principles the team could work on. I would recommend him for staff training and motivation”