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Gain 7 Steps to Studying Success

Do you need to inspire and motivate your students so they engage in learning and achieve their best results?

With so many individuals and organisations around it’s difficult to know what works, what will suit students’ needs best and where to spend valuable resources.

The wrong decision risks wasting students’ and teachers’ valuable time – and your school’s money.

Steve is an international speaker, soft skills trainer, author, presenter, and Amazon Top 10 bestseller. He motivates and inspires students to exceed their expectations.

Working and speaking in schools throughout the UK for the past 20 years, he understands the pressure you are up against – you can not afford to waste a penny.

You need effective workshops that will genuinely connect with students. Also, a valuable Impact Report is produced after each programme so you can assess the impact the programme has made on the students.

He has been improving outcomes for students every year since 2001.

Qualifying to practise Cognitive Behavioural Therapy has helped him develop a greater understanding of the mind and the concept that your thoughts, feelings, physical sensations and actions are all interconnected.

For two decades, Steve has studied the science of beliefs, habits and the growth mindset. He has written books on overcoming self-defeating habits, being motivated and staying motivated, and how the brain works.

Steve believes:

Your beliefs determine your attitude; your attitude determines how you feel, how you feel determines how you act, and how you act will determine what you gain in life.

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Student Workshops

Setting good learning habits for Year 7 and Year 8 students

The importance of a good start to a students secondary school education cannot be underestimated. Setting a positive learning culture from the outset is vital to students’ later success at the GCSE level.

Just like you, we want your students to achieve their very best, not just for now, but for their future.

Our start as you mean to go on workshop empowers pupils by equipping them with evidence-based learn to learn and self-regulation strategies, which encourage a growth mindset approach to school (and life!).

Supporting Year 9 students to take control of their learning!

Thought and decisions are the name of the game for Year 9 students!

This activity-based and interactive workshop not only shows students how to learn with effective study skills, such as memory techniques, but also how to set goals and take positive action for now and the future! We do this by looking at:

· Memory Techniques

· Understanding and Condensing text/entire topics

· Association Maps

· Goal setting

· Self-reflection

· Growth Mindset

These sessions will leave the students empowered and motivated with high aspirations for the future and equipped with effective techniques to reach their full potential!

Energising Year 10’s to focus and fire themselves to success!

Aimed at Yr10’s, it focuses on helping students to develop a good base to learn solid revision skills in this fast-paced, highly interactive study skills workshop.

We show students how to learn, revise and prepare for exams effectively and efficiently, by equipping them with creative and innovative techniques that make learning easier!

We also show students how to overcome the fear of failure, practical stress management techniques, and the power of positive visualisation.

All this leaves students equipped with suitable techniques and tools for the challenges that lay ahead!

Pushing Year 11 students to go that one step further to get the best from your GCSE revision head.

This interactive and high impact study skills workshop is designed for KS4. The aim of the workshop is to empower and motivate students to take control of their learning, by equipping them with a range of evidence-based learning and revision strategies, including:

· Memory Techniques

· Understanding and Condensing text/entire topics

· Association Maps

· The Review Philosophy

· Exam Preparation

· Growth Mindset

Students will leave this interactive workshop inspired by new techniques and tools that they can continue to use and apply to their own studies and revision!

Inspiring underperforming or borderline GCSE students to become motivated and confident to achieve.

Underperforming students can be frustrating, as they have the ability however they seem unable to achieve their potential.

We know that all this is incredibly common amongst those who are falling behind and not hitting their targets.

These interactive and motivational workshops encourage students to get rid of any negative thoughts such as, “I can’t do it,” or “It’s too hard,” out of the window. We show them how they can learn, revise, and prepare for exams by using the power of imagination and creativity, building students’ confidence, resilience and belief in their own ability to succeed.

All this raises achievement and helps students get the grades they deserve.

It’s been widely accepted that the transition from KS4 to KS5 is one of the biggest leaps students will make in their education.

This experience can either be embraced or resisted by students.

Our interactive Advanced Study Skills workshop equips Year 12 or Year 13 students with effective learning strategies so they can grow to be successful, independent and resilient learners.

The programme looks at content such as:

• Independent Learning, Time Management and Organisation
• Note-Taking and Condensing information
• Association Maps
• Effective Reading
• Research Skills
• The Review Philosophy, including Spaced Practice
• Stress Management and Procrastination
• Growth Mindset and Motivation

We aim to support students to flourish in KS5, and beyond!

Parent & Child Workshop

If your child is about to embark on their ‘GCSE journey’ or is presently on it, there are probably dozens of questions spinning around your mind. Aside from the obvious one (which is ‘where has all the time gone? It seems like only yesterday they were at primary school!’). I’m sure you would like to be able how to encourage and support them in good study skills.

Our Atlas of a Child’s Mind Workshop will support you in doing that with effective tips and techniques to make studying, learning memory techniques and revising easier.

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Watch Steve helping young people to help themselves with the aid of Barclays LifeSkills.

Who Hires Steve?

• Any school, college or university that feels they could benefit from their students being re-energised.

• Any school, college or university that feel they could benefit from practical tips and techniques to keeping their students engaged.

• Any school, college or university that feels they could benefit from revision skills or growth mindset training.

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Inviting Steve to give a motivational keynote at the end of our National Awards Presentation was a great way to end the day. With over 700 students and parents present he was not only motivational and inspiring but had great content which challenged the thinking norms and make it fun at the same time. The impact was evident in that he got a standing ovation at the end too!
Ted Picton, Focus School
Steve is an amazing motivational speaker. If you want your students to be engaged and inspired then they need to listen to this man. 100% positive feedback back from 180 15 year olds shows how good he is. Looking forward to having him back soon
Sally Elmer, Priory School
We employed Steve’s services for a day working with our Yr9’s, he was excellent, the students loved his style and approach, very engaging.
Peter Vik, Trinity School
Steve’s ability to engage and captivate the students while also teaching them some important life skills was incredible to observe. I cannot thank him enough for his work and the positive energy that comes with it
Vanessa Raditch, Walworth Academy
I had the pleasure of working with Steve today and found him to be energetic, professional and extremely well received by his audience. Steve’s unique approach to gaining and holding the attention of a young audience allowed content to be delivered efficiently and effectively. It was inspiring to see what a man can achieve with a smile and an orange tie.
Kate Allan, Student Services
Steve made an amazing difference to our students when he spoke for us about developing a Leadership Mindset. The students were engaged throughout his presentation. We are delighted to be using his services again this year.
Alexandra Smith, London School of Economics
Steve is truly captivating speaker delivering talks with great content. I have invited Steve to give a talk on “The 4 steps to conquering self-defeating habits” for career changers of the London Career Coaching Meetup I am the organiser of and it was a great success. It was really fun too! Steve is a very inspiring person to meet since he truly cares about people he delivers talks for and people can feel that. Moreover, Steve is very reliable person to work with. Could not recommend anyone higher!!!
Gabija Toleikyte, Ph.D, Middlesex University
Just wanted to say a huge thank you for the sessions you delivered today speaking with Leigh I know the year 8 students enjoyed it just as much as the year 9s in the first session with me. Your fantastic approach to the topics and engagement with the students will undoubtedly be a talking point amongst the students and they will remember lots from the session.
Coopers’ Company and Coburn School
Steve ‘The Man with the Orange Tie’ really contributed something special to our Year 11 Celebration Event. He engaged and motivated young people to dream big and work smart, to achieve success through his imaginative revision skills workshop and captivating performance style. I believe his bubbly personality really brought a wave of energy to the event, keeping students fully engaged. The workshop stimulated minds and produced lots of laughs.

Running an event with a lot of different people involved can be highly stressful. I very much appreciated Steve’s punctuality and preparation for this event as it left me with one less worry!

George Green, Birmingham University
I just wanted to pass our thanks on to Steve for the invigorating and entertaining speech / presentation he delivered to our Sixth Form induction day students along with the current Year 12 students.

Right from the word ‘go’ Steve captivated their attention; he has the ability to include everyone, even the quieter students. Everything Steve spoke about was so exact and real, teachers and students thoroughly enjoyed the hour we spent with him and the students were still talking about it during their lunch break.

We would definitely recommend other schools, especially KS4 and KS5 to book Steve

Paula Barry, Helena Romanes School and Sixth Form Centre
I first met Steve at Let Me Play’s Waites’ Employability camp at Nottingham University earlier this summer. His talk was an outstanding and engaging hour and it really captivated our young people as well as myself.
Steve is an inspiring and incredibly motivating man and I have taken on board of lot of what he spoke about in that one, short session and use regularly in my day to day life.
If you are wanting a speaker that will make a definite impact, Steve is your man!
David Watts, Senior Mentor, Let Me Play Ltd
We had an amazing day on Tuesday with Steve. The students really benefited from his workshop, was great to see them all so engaged and enthusiastic about it. I had lots of students tell me how good he was and they were so glad we’d booked him in for that day as they all found it the most enjoyable and useful.
I thought Steve was fantastic and made a great impression with everyone.
Surinder Wilkhu, Mathematics Teacher , Bow School
Thank you so much for this evening – Steve was superb.
We will be back in touch with him soon
Mr Grant, Senior Teacher, Kingsford Community School
Steve was engaging and fun, the students loved him and learnt so much from him. We look forward to inviting him back next year.
Tahira Bashir, Head of Maths and English, Farnborough College
Steve is a great speaker who really engaged and entertained the students.
Ben Walker, Teacher, The Grey Coat School

Thank you to Steve for visiting Rainham School for Girls. He delivered an engaging and interesting session to our Year 11 students; reinforcing the power of a positive mindset has enabled our pupils to reflect and think deeply about their GCSE journey

Mr Christian Friday, Associate Deputy Headteacher, Rainham School for Girls
Anglia Ruskin University

I have had the pleasure of meeting Steve on a few occasions to speak to students I work with. His workshops are engaging, motivational and leave students feeling inspired. Steve always manages to get everybody in the room involved in his workshops and as a client he listens to our key messages and conveys them to the students in a way that we are not always able to. We hope that Steve will be back to work with more of our students!

Sarah Sterling, Employability and Careers Advisor, Anglia Ruskin University
The feedback that I have heard has all been excellent – as I am sure is always the case with Steve with the orange tie!
Toby Wright, Assistant Head Teacher, St. Edmund’s School Trust Ltd
Anglia Ruskin University

Great session today, some real eye opening points made and as someone starting again to find what they actually want out of their career this helped to show me it’s not such a crazy thing to do

Shell Meads, Anglia Ruskin University
Steve was absolutely fantastic, staff were totally captivated with his enthusiasm and energy. Plus there were plenty of memory activities for staff to take away to incorporate immediately.
Jackie Barton, Midfield Primary School

I have just tried to summarise your 90 minutes to my two boys (aged 21 and 15) – tricky. It was your energy, practical application of neuroscience and ability to engage young people in an authentic way to demonstrate and model your messages that was so impressive.

Anna Vaughan, Head of Professional Learning, School & Early Years Improvement Service, Enfield Council
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