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‘One teacher told me that she got no work done because she became utterly immersed in Steve’s session.

His delivery was excellent, he was personable, upbeat, interesting, and very believable. Delivery of these sessions is clearly his passion.

I think that he is the best speaker that we have had so far – highly recommended!’

Georgina Weir
Deputy Head(Pastoral)

Do you need a School Motivational Speaker?

An exceptional school motivational speaker can inspire and motivate students to remain engaged and focused after the speaker has gone.

However, with the wrong motivational speaker, time is wasted; results are not gained as well as having to source another speaker to meet your expectations.

Steve does not focus on meeting your expectations, he focuses on EXCEEDING your expectations.

He has been a school motivational speaker for the past 20 years and has presented to over 1 MILLION young people. Steve has been improving outcomes for students every year since 2001. During his present studies in BA (Honours) Childhood and Youth Studies, he has constantly been developing new ideas and concepts, which has enhanced students’ learning and success.

The principles of Dr Wayne W. Dyer heavily influence his workshops and teachings. Dr Wayne W. Dyer believes that when you change the way you look at something the thing you are looking at will change.

In order to exceed students’ expectations, Steve’s workshops engage, inspire, and motivate students.

Feedback reports will be available from the student evaluations so that you can assess the session’s effectiveness.

Steve has also had a career in secondary school education and was a coach before becoming a motivational speaker.

He has spoken in many countries, including Sweden, Germany, Holland, Belgium, Italy and the USA. His organisation also delivers soft skills training to organisations throughout the UK. As well as being an Amazon bestseller, Steve was recently on an expert panel assembled by the Enfield council to discuss exams and revision techniques to support and aid parents in the Enfield area.

Steve has his own fortnightly Motivational radio show, which helps people to look beyond their beliefs and exceed their expectations in life.

He has special guests who speak about personal development, mental health, physical health, and developing a growth mindset, also Latin music promoters, professional dancers and dance instructors that speak about his favourite pastime hobby……..SALSA DANCING!!!

Steve believes:

Your beliefs determine your attitude; your attitude determines how you feel, how you feel determines how you act, and how you act will determine what you gain in life.

Rachael Walters, Head of Business, and Kate Hall, Head of PSHEE.
New Hall

Helise Martin
Deputy Headteacher
Wanstead High School

Student Workshops

Preparing for Exams is an inevitable part of school life. Being prepared mentally and physically is the only way for students to achieve their best.

Many students will say that exams aren’t their favourite thing to do; however, they can be made less intimidating by revising effectively and applying good exam techniques.

This session gets straight to the heart of preparing for exams; it will address:

  • How to plan your time for revision and assessments.
  • How to determine whether your revision techniques are effective.
  • How to tackle questions once you have entered the exam itself.
  • How to physically prepare yourself for your exam to achieve your best.
  • How to mentally align your thoughts to clear your mind from distractions.

This session is for all year groups. It is delivered as a 60-minute session.

Transition can be difficult, especially for young people in school, and this difficulty is often magnified during the transition from primary to secondary or Yr11 to Yr12.

In life, as adults, we learn to adjust to changes because we understand how to. However, some young people need help discovering new ways of doing and learning things, often in a new environment.

This session supports the student in developing the necessary skills to build greater confidence and independence.

  • How to overcome the self-defeating habits that often hold students back.
  • How to develop a growth mindset in a new environment.
  • Learn the seven effective communication and interpersonal skills to help them develop inner confidence.
  • Develop Self-Reflection and Goal Setting skills.

This session is for all year groups. It is delivered as a 60-minute session.

Motivating students is probably the biggest challenge for teachers and parents alike. However, it is also one of the most important factors to a student’s success because a student who is not motivated will not learn effectively.

This session is all about becoming motivated about school. This highly interactive session is focused on engaging students and supplying them with vital techniques, not just to get them to become motivated but to remain motivated.

There are many reasons why a student lacks motivation. For example, they may feel that they have no interest in the subject or be distracted by external influences. This session will challenge their present mindset and give them effective approaches to overcome their lethargic attitude to school.

The sessions will cover:

  • What is motivation, and why are we not always motivated?
  • What do you believe about yourself?
  • How can you overcome a fixed mindset to become motivated?
  • How do you develop and maintain a growth mindset?
  • Why is gratitude important to remain motivated?
  • Setting workable and manageable goals to maintain motivation.
  • What are the four steps to motivational success?

This session is an ideal Year group assembly session.

Social media is a way for teenagers to stay in touch with their friends

However, there is a significant concern about social media’s effects on our teenagers.

Social media allows teenagers to stay in touch with their friends. Teens have always talked after school, long before social media – hanging out at the bus stop, at the local park, chatting on the phone – now they have a different platform.

It is an integral part of socialising and connection in the modern world. Teenagers and social media users are increasing every day.

• Inadequacy about your life or appearance

• Fear of missing out (FOMO)

• Isolation

• Depression and anxiety

• Cyberbullying

• Self-absorption

• A fear of missing out (FOMO) can keep you returning to social media over and over again.

This session explores these areas engagingly and interactively to ensure the student can have fun and be aware of social media’s harmful aspects.

Taking responsibility and making the right choice is not always easy for a student. They have the complications of peer pressure, self-limiting beliefs, possibly having a fixed mindset and not forgetting the rampant hormones in their delicate adolescent years.

However, this does not excuse poor choices, leading to disruptive behaviour.

So this interactive and engaging session has been specially designed to help the students look at the possible causes of their poor choices and how to make the right choices.

The sessions will cover:

  • Understanding your choices – The Fight or Flight response
  • Beliefs about yourself
  • Inner confidence to make the right choice
  • Negative Peer Pressure
  • Fixed mindset v Growth mindset
  • Personal Responsibility

The ‘Owning Your Behaviour’ workshop is a two-session workshop, the maximum number of attendees being 10.

Getting students to focus and study can be a massive struggle. Many students waste valuable time not knowing what or where to start. In addition, they are often trying to overcome the psychological barrier which prevents them from studying with purpose and focus.

Consequently, these students often end up feeling confused, frustrated, and, most of all, demotivated.

The session is based on the psychology of studying from Steve’s book Because I Said So-‘Understanding Your Teenager.’

The sessions will cover:

  • What is your belief about studying?
  • Why does studying seem so difficult?
  • How can you mentally prepare yourself for studying success?
  • What is the 30-10 rule, and why does it work when studying?
  • How can you think outside the box and surprise your brain into learning with ease and success?

This session is for all-year groups. It can be delivered as a half-day or full-day programme.

John McHugh
St Mary’s Catholic School

Mrs R Bilsland
Teacher of MFL
Bablake School

Claire Hughes
Transition Manager
Greenwood Academy

Mr. Andrews
Portsmouth Academy

Chris Jones
Head of Year 11
Bridgemary School

Mr L McDonnell
Pastoral Leader Year 12
Deputy Designated Mental Health Lead
Oaks Park High School
Chris Harris
Head of Computer Science
Spalding Boys Grammar School

Steve Pitcher
Vice Principal
Barnsley Academy

Karl Fenn
Senior Assistant Principal
Ditton Park Academy

Peter Onabanjo
Maths Teacher
Cleeve Park School

Fred Roberts
Company Director
Wellbeing Group

Dawn Dwyer
John Wilmot School

Sandra Kovac
AIM Higher

Toni Crawley and Alice Summerfield
The Priory School

Watch Steve helping young people to help themselves with the aid of Barclays LifeSkills.

Who Hires Steve?

• Any school, college or university that feels they could benefit from their students being re-energised.

• Any school, college or university that feel they could benefit from practical tips and techniques to keeping their students engaged.

• Any school, college or university that feels they could benefit from confidence and growth mindset training.

How To Deliver Your Next Assembly With Confidence


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We had a day of engaging and powerful talks across Years 7, 8 and 10. The sessions were exemplary, had a really clear destination and a buzz was created around shifting mindset and seeing things from a different perspective. We would highly recommend Steve – a great inspiration for our students. Thank you.

Laura Kaye, Teacher of English, Associate Assistant Principal, Outwood Academy Shafton

I have just tried to summarise your 90 minutes to my two boys (aged 21 and 15) – tricky. It was your energy, practical application of neuroscience and ability to engage young people in an authentic way to demonstrate and model your messages that was so impressive.

Anna Vaughan, Head of Professional Learning, School & Early Years Improvement Service, Enfield Council
Barnsley Academy logo

We really enjoyed having Steve at our school, he has the ability to engage and inspire the students.

Steve Pitcher, Vice Principal, Barnsley Academy

Thank you to Steve for visiting Rainham School for Girls. He delivered an engaging and interesting session to our Year 11 students; reinforcing the power of a positive mindset has enabled our pupils to reflect and think deeply about their GCSE journey

Mr Christian Friday, Associate Deputy Headteacher, Rainham School for Girls
Inviting Steve to give a motivational keynote at the end of our National Awards Presentation was a great way to end the day. With over 700 students and parents present he was not only motivational and inspiring but had great content which challenged the thinking norms and make it fun at the same time. The impact was evident in that he got a standing ovation at the end too!
Ted Picton, Focus School
Steve is an amazing motivational speaker. If you want your students to be engaged and inspired then they need to listen to this man. 100% positive feedback back from 180 15 year olds shows how good he is. Looking forward to having him back soon
Sally Elmer, Priory School
We employed Steve’s services for a day working with our Yr9’s, he was excellent, the students loved his style and approach, very engaging.
Peter Vik, Trinity School
Steve’s ability to engage and captivate the students while also teaching them some important life skills was incredible to observe. I cannot thank him enough for his work and the positive energy that comes with it
Vanessa Raditch, Walworth Academy
Eden Girls Logo

Can I just say that Steve was awesome delivering the LPT session – well engaged with the pupils, energetic, fun and interactive. He really involved the pupils in all the activities and made them want to participate.

All the pupils have said that they want Steve to come back again and have a longer session with him, so I have had nothing but positive feedback.

Ms Haleema Sadia, Head Of Year 9
Anglia Ruskin University

I have had the pleasure of meeting Steve on a few occasions to speak to students I work with. His workshops are engaging, motivational and leave students feeling inspired. Steve always manages to get everybody in the room involved in his workshops and as a client he listens to our key messages and conveys them to the students in a way that we are not always able to. We hope that Steve will be back to work with more of our students!

Sarah Sterling, Employability and Careers Advisor, Anglia Ruskin University
I first met Steve at Let Me Play’s Waites’ Employability camp at Nottingham University earlier this summer. His talk was an outstanding and engaging hour and it really captivated our young people as well as myself.
Steve is an inspiring and incredibly motivating man and I have taken on board of lot of what he spoke about in that one, short session and use regularly in my day to day life.
If you are wanting a speaker that will make a definite impact, Steve is your man!
David Watts, Senior Mentor, Let Me Play Ltd
Steve was engaging and fun, the students loved him and learnt so much from him. We look forward to inviting him back next year.
Tahira Bashir, Head of Maths and English, Farnborough College
Steve ‘The Man with the Orange Tie’ really contributed something special to our Year 11 Celebration Event. He engaged and motivated young people to dream big and work smart, to achieve success through his imaginative revision skills workshop and captivating performance style. I believe his bubbly personality really brought a wave of energy to the event, keeping students fully engaged. The workshop stimulated minds and produced lots of laughs.

Running an event with a lot of different people involved can be highly stressful. I very much appreciated Steve’s punctuality and preparation for this event as it left me with one less worry!

George Green, Birmingham University
Steve made an amazing difference to our students when he spoke for us about developing a Leadership Mindset. The students were engaged throughout his presentation. We are delighted to be using his services again this year.
Alexandra Smith, London School of Economics

Just wanted to say a huge thank you for the sessions you delivered today speaking with Leigh. I know the year 8 students enjoyed it just as much as the year 9s in the first session with me. Your fantastic approach to the topics and engagement with the students will undoubtedly be a talking point amongst the students and they will remember lots from the session.

Coopers’ Company and Coburn School
I had the pleasure of working with Steve today and found him to be energetic, professional and extremely well received by his audience. Steve’s unique approach to gaining and holding the attention of a young audience allowed content to be delivered efficiently and effectively. It was inspiring to see what a man can achieve with a smile and an orange tie.
Kate Allan, Student Services
Steve is truly captivating speaker delivering talks with great content. I have invited Steve to give a talk on “The 4 steps to conquering self-defeating habits” for career changers of the London Career Coaching Meetup I am the organiser of and it was a great success. It was really fun too! Steve is a very inspiring person to meet since he truly cares about people he delivers talks for and people can feel that. Moreover, Steve is very reliable person to work with. Could not recommend anyone higher!!!
Gabija Toleikyte, Ph.D, Middlesex University
I just wanted to pass our thanks on to Steve for the invigorating and entertaining speech / presentation he delivered to our Sixth Form induction day students along with the current Year 12 students.

Right from the word ‘go’ Steve captivated their attention; he has the ability to include everyone, even the quieter students. Everything Steve spoke about was so exact and real, teachers and students thoroughly enjoyed the hour we spent with him and the students were still talking about it during their lunch break.

We would definitely recommend other schools, especially KS4 and KS5 to book Steve

Paula Barry, Helena Romanes School and Sixth Form Centre
We had an amazing day on Tuesday with Steve. The students really benefited from his workshop, was great to see them all so engaged and enthusiastic about it. I had lots of students tell me how good he was and they were so glad we’d booked him in for that day as they all found it the most enjoyable and useful.
I thought Steve was fantastic and made a great impression with everyone.
Surinder Wilkhu, Mathematics Teacher , Bow School
Thank you so much for this evening – Steve was superb.
We will be back in touch with him soon
Mr Grant, Senior Teacher, Kingsford Community School
Steve is a great speaker who really engaged and entertained the students.
Ben Walker, Teacher, The Grey Coat School
The feedback that I have heard has all been excellent – as I am sure is always the case with Steve with the orange tie!
Toby Wright, Assistant Head Teacher, St. Edmund’s School Trust Ltd
Anglia Ruskin University

Great session today, some real eye opening points made and as someone starting again to find what they actually want out of their career this helped to show me it’s not such a crazy thing to do

Shell Meads, Anglia Ruskin University
Steve was absolutely fantastic, staff were totally captivated with his enthusiasm and energy. Plus there were plenty of memory activities for staff to take away to incorporate immediately.
Jackie Barton, Midfield Primary School

Our students REALLY enjoyed Steve’s presentation, delivery style and advice.

Mr Lee Forcella-Burton, Assistant Principal, IB Coordinator, Director of Post-16, Leigh Academy
The King Edmund School logo

Steve’s dynamic LPT presentation kept the students engaged and the feedback that we have received has been very positive from students.

Charlotte Ramdin, Sixth Form Administrator, The King Edmund School