“I always bring the juice to my presentations, which means being present and able to inspire and transform a person’s mindset”

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Steve is a dynamic personality and a highly sought after resource in schools, colleges, universities and other educational establishments as well as companies like Barclays Bank. He is an international speaker, soft skills trainer, author, presenter and Amazon Top 10 bestseller.

Steve helps young people and adults to overcome self-defeating beliefs and habits that are holding them back from reaching their full potential. He accomplishes this by challenging mindsets and developing a growth mindset through leadership.

For two decades, he has not only studied the science of beliefs, habits and people’s mindsets but has also developed techniques to improve the way in which we think. He has worked with and interviewed people from across the spectrum of education and industry, and has written books on overcoming self-defeating habits; being motivated through quotes and understanding how young people think.


A true professional who understands how to transform something that could be deemed dry into a positive and enjoyable experience.
Oscar Cariss, X Factor Producer
I cannot praise Steve enough for his talent in presenting, we have thoroughly enjoyed working with him.
Alice Hendy, Barclay Bank
Steve really contributed something special to our Year 11 Celebration Event. He engaged and motivated young people to dream big and work smart.
George Green, Birmingham University
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